Surgical Hair Transplants

Any surgical procedure should be taken very seriously. This is particularly important with hair transplantation because the procedure is irreversible.  Before you proceed, you should be SURE that you feel comfortable with your decision and with the company you’ve chosen to perform the transplant.

When you come in for your free consultation, all the technical details will be fully explained to you. In the meantime, there are several key points you must consider when comparing hair transplant providers.

The transplanted hair will grow for a lifetime.  You may as well have it grow exactly as Mother Nature intended!

  • Stereoscopic Microscope

© Copyright. True Hair Replacement & Cosmetics Centre Inc.Make SURE the clinic of your choice utilizes stereoscopic microscopes on all the cutting and incising that is performed. The old-fashioned magnifying visors still used by many clinics are simply unacceptable. A stereoscopic microscope allows for a much better visualization of all the growing and dormant follicles, and the incising of only Single Follicular Units. This invariably produces a much better yield as well as a more attractive and natural looking result.

  • Dense Packing

© Copyright. True Hair Replacement & Cosmetics Centre Inc.Be SURE that the people performing your hair transplant have the experience and expertise in the dense-packing technique. Many clinics choose not to use this method because it takes 40% longer to perform. However, at True Hair we believe the extra time is well worth it because of the incredible results it produces. It is this Dense Packing technique that is the key to our amazing exclusive PERFECT HAIRLINE™.

“Also when shopping around for a hair transplant clinic (and we strongly recommend this) ask the other hair transplant facilitators what gauge needles they use for the incising. Most clinics use 16 to 18 gauge needles. We at True Hair guarantee the use of strictly 19 gauge needles in the hairline, which we feel is the only way to achieve the most natural dense-packing results. The use of lower gauged needles leaves larger gaps between the transplanted hairs and therefore precludes a solid PERFECT HAIRLINE™.

  • Number of Grafts per Session

© Copyright. True Hair Replacement & Cosmetics Centre Inc.Be SURE to ask what is the maximum number of grafts that a clinic can perform in one session. True Hair is one of the only facilities anywhere that can do up to 4000 Single Follicular Units (up to 9000 hairs) at one time. A hair follicle can live outside the body for no longer than 12 hours. The clinics that don’t have as many trained staff as True Hair are therefore unable to transplant as many hairs within this 12-hour window of opportunity. True Hair’s mega transplants allow for greater flexibility in designing your hair-line, fewer transplant sessions, and faster results. In fact, most of our clients can complete the entire hair transplant in one session. Why go through the inconvenience of two or three standard transplant sessions when a single mega transplant will suffice. NOTE: Results may vary from individual.

  • Pricing

© Copyright. True Hair Replacement & Cosmetics Centre Inc.The fact that we can do up to 4000 grafts per session translates into a better overall result at a lower cost. Because of the nature of our cutting techniques we are able to maximize almost every precious follicle available. This normally results in an overage of follicles for planting. Unlike other clinics, we don’t discard these extra follicles. We will plant them at no additional charge, and if we happen to use a lesser number, which rarely happens, we will rebate you the difference.

  • Client References

© Copyright. True Hair Replacement & Cosmetics Centre Inc.Be SURE that the clinic you choose allows you to speak with clients who are not being remunerated for their testimonial. At True Hair, you can meet up to a dozen clients who have had the process done. You can see the results close up, and the closer you look the better we look. They’ll also be able to discuss with you their overall experience with True Hair. These clients have not been compensated in any way. Their availability is due solely to their extreme satisfaction with the results and their desire to share it with others.