Medium Carbohydrate Diet

True Hair - Medium Carbohydrate DietThis treatment is really fit for older people or the ones who want more flexibility in their diet. Two of your meals are replaced with a nutritious protein shake and the third meal is consumed as usual. Best results is gotten when breakfast and dinner is replaced. Meal replacement is a mixture of high quality protein isolate, plus a protein enhancer that is added to your beverage of choice (normally 1% skimmed milk). The bio availability of this protein shake is very high. That means your body will absorb most the protein taken.

Most of the proteins in the market are not suitable for diets as they are mixed with hormones and muscle building elements. Consuming them will result in weight gain instead of weight loss. Some have low bio availability resulting in poor body absorption. We tried to provide you a simple, yet effective protein mixture to satisfy your body needs throughout the diet.

The other problem with other protein shakes is the taste which makes some people, especially ladies, not to try this diet. This protein is tasty and very easy to consume.

As mentioned earlier this diet is designed to give you more flexibility. That means, If there is a dinner occasion, you can replace breakfast and lunch with protein shake for that day and enjoy the dinner with your friends. The same is true if the occasion is breakfast or lunch.

There is an organic weight loss tea and an herbal supplement come with this package. There is no limit consuming the tea throughout the day. Pills can be taken 2-3 times a day depends on the situation. They both give you a good fat burning boost.

The important point to be mentioned is the way you can speed up the weight loss process. Please try not to snack between the meals and avoid eating junk food in the normal meal of yours. More motivated clients eat less carbohydrate in their free meals or add exercise to take the most out of this diet.

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