Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Traditional Hair Transplantation relied on the redistribution of scalp hair follicles from donor regions of higher density such as the back and sides of the scalp to the balding regions. This was fine when the donor regions could provide enough yield to cover the balding region. Thus those with sparser donor sites were less fortunate and the coverage available would be less if any, than desirable.

Studies have found that donor sites in other regions of the body have been successfully transplanted to the scalp. This relocated follicle once transplanted into the scalp region attains the characteristic of regular scalp hair rather than the character of the donor site.

The technique used is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This revolutionary technique has provided hope for those who have poor donor scalp hair density but an abundance of body hair.

The FUE technique is more time consuming than Follicular Strip Extraction (FSE) as a a follicular units are harvested individually from the donor site and transplanted individually into the recipient site. Since it is more time consuming, fewer follicular units can be transplanted at any given sitting.

Even thought the technique is slower, there are heralded benefits;

  • Harvesting via FUE is less invasive than strip harvesting and therefore results in a speedier donor recovery time.
  • Technique allows harvesting from alternate regions of the body and results in minimal scarring.
  • The opportunity of using body hair in the scalp region provides new hope for those individuals with sparse donor scalp hair.

Sample Photos of Chest Hair Transplant
(FUE Surgery)


1st Session (3200 SFU’S)

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One year later, crown augmentation by chest FUE’s

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After two mega SFU sessions and 3 mega FUE sessions; a total of 11,000 follicular units

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