Vitamin Boost

Weight loss with vitamin boost

Truehair Vitamin BoostThis method is fast and safe and very suitable for people who do not want to try long, boring diets. Program has three steps:

I- Weight Loss with Vitamin Boost

At this first step the main goal of the treatment is to lose fat. You lose almost one pound a day with total weight loss of 22-25 pound in one month. The time spent in this step depends on the extra weight you want to shed. A wide range of people can use this method. Overweight persons can choose short time packages to lose extra pounds. Others can take a full month package or more to shed more weight. Vitamin boost comes with your own homemade diet which is very straightforward and can be made at home. This step needs precision and discipline. After you get to your desired weight the second step begins.

II- Weight Stabilization

At this step the vitamin boost stops and maintenance program begins. The time that is allotted to this stage is 3 to 4 weeks based on the first stage of the treatment. At this step the focus is to get body metabolism back to normal as soon as possible and make it ready for the third and the last step.

III- Normal Diet

At the end of the maintenance program you will have a session with us discussing a normal diet plan. Focus of this Session would be correcting the mistakes you made originally when you gained weight and provide you with a healthy, practical diet plan to continue with.

This treatment is amazing and very safe. It cleanses your body and regulates you blood sugar, cholesterol and fat. We will be in close contact with you throughout the whole treatment to make sure everything is done perfectly.

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