Hair Transplant Repair

Hair replacement procedures have advanced dramatically over the past 30 years in that both the procedure and the ultimate result have improved dramatically. Even a decade ago the implantation of plugs which were a grouping of between 10 to 20 follicular units were commonly used and even though the coverage was acceptable the appearance appeared to be far from natural. The final result would have the appearance of a doll’s head or as they were commonly referred to as corn rows.

True Hair - Transplant RepairThe advancement of the procedure and refinement of the technique referred to as follicular unit extractions (FUEs) make way for micro-grafts of one or two hairs which provide for a very natural placement, especially in regions of the hair line.

At True Hair, our highly skilled technical team has been extremely successful in correcting the look of these old style procedures and restoring a natural look. Our experience with follicular unit extractions (a relatively new advancement) have allowed us to correct the old “pluggy” look with two options. One is to go in using a 1mm punch and remove each follicle from the patchy area and disperse them to create a more natural hairline. Or, we can remove the original plugs and return them to their original donor site, so that the individual if they so desire can opt to shave their head with minimal to no residual scarring. Follicular unit extractions can also be planted along the sutures to eliminate the lines created by the removal of the strip or strips from the donor site. Again, experience in follicular unit extractions is paramount in order to minimize the potential for sebaceous cysts and to eliminate areas of residual scarring.

In fact, this technique has been further modified to reduce the visible size of scars found in the donor site.