Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding hair transplants. If you have a unique question regarding hair transplants please contact us.

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1. How much do hair transplants cost?

This depends on the extent of hair loss on each individual client. Generally speaking, the hair transplants are not much more expensive than the cost and maintenance of a good non-surgical hair replacement.

2. Are hair transplants safe?

Yes, because hair transplants are minor surface surgery and only skin deep, it is one of the safest surgical procedures performed. At all times you are under the care of our expert medical staff making this a very safe and comfortable procedure.

3. How long is the recovery time?

Usually the recovery time is nominal; most clients go to work the next day. However, there will be very tine crusts (scabs) forming on every incision made. After a few shampoos their appearance will dissipate and simple look like a dermatitis or a scalp rash. Remember the incisions are the size of the tip of a needle., (approx 1mm in size). All the scabs will fall off between 10-14 days post-surgery Refer to Dr. Fryedman’s surgery and the accompanying progression of pictures.

4. How long does it take before the hair begins to grow?

The hair will start to grow as stubble approximately 6 weeks after the surgery, and then grow approximately a quarter of an inch per month thereafter All follicles go through sleeping or dormant cycles so therefore the full effect of the results will become apparent after 10 to 12 months.

5. Are there any scars after surgery?

Yes, there will be an imperceptible suture line in the donor site that is easily camouflaged by the hairs surrounding the area. If you opt for the FUE technique (please refer to that page) there is absolutely no residual scarring anywhere. However, as previously mentioned this technique is more time-consuming and expensive.

6. Does the hair that is transplanted ever fall out?

For the most part every transplanted follicle will harvest hair growth and will grow for the rest of your life. These transplanted hairs grow because the follicles from the donor site are genetically predisposed to grow for the rest of your life because they are not affected by the male-pattern baldness gene. The transplanted hairs maintain the same characteristics as those from the donor site; i.e. thickness, texture, and colour.  However, in the same context, through ageism the density (hairs per square mm.) will diminish in the donor area nominally as one goes from 25 to 45 to 65 years of age This will also happen to a few of the transplanted hairs. Therefore, ALMOST every transplanted hair will grow for the rest of your life.

7. How long does an average hair transplant procedure take?

An average hair transplant procedure takes from 6-12 hours to complete depending on each individual case and the number of single follicular units dissected and planted. The staff consists of a licensed medical doctor and 6-8 technicians for each surgery. The patient is given a relaxer prior to the surgery and most clients sleep through the whole process.