Hair Loss Remedies That Are Right For You

by Dr. Larry Fryedman D.C.

I created this guide after going through volumes of hair loss remedies in order to determine how to deal with my progressive baldness. Only with this thorough research of all the hair loss remedies was I able to make a logical decision regarding the best hair loss product for me. Believe me you have many options but only a couple may be right for you.

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The question is how do you cut through all this massive information on a multitude of different hair loss remedies and make a logical decision as to which hair loss treatments would give you the best result.

In addition I have sifted out the hair loss products which have unsubstantiated results and don’t be surprised some of these have been around for decades and advertised on TV. These snake oil salesmen peddle their wears under the guise of being a credible hair loss solution however none of their results have been clinically substantiated and is just another hair growth scam. Forget about the ability to regrow hair. The only thing that grows is their wallet.

The object of the hair loss digest is to enlighten you about all the hair loss remedies available to you such that you can decide which hair replacement system will give you the most opportune results whether you suffer from male pattern hair loss or female hair loss, the answers are here for you to find.

I will delve into cutting edge developments and research to see what is absolutely new right now and what is near on the horizon. For instance the hair transplant picture at this time has made significant advancements in just the past five years and the next five years with hair cloning on the horizon, many who don’t have the exact hair loss solution right now … will.

Several factors must be considered prior to choosing the appropriate hair loss solution and these are broadly:

a) How advanced is your hair loss?
b) Your age
c) Your sex – (yes guys female hair loss is also quite common)
d) Cause of hair loss – (determine first that the problem is not disease related)
e) Expected result – (if your 60 and want to look 20 none of these solutions will help)
f) Products and solutions you have attempted in the past
g) Is time a factor for an expected result?
h) The degree of maintenance you are willing to do daily.
i) Ultimate cost to you whether over time or a lump sum.

I have been losing my hair for over ten years and I have run from one product to the next but my running was all in vain. I became prey to the Hairy Marketer. You know the one on late night TV that will not only grow your hair but his brother will also sell you a time share.

It dawned on me that the most credible hair loss remedies did not necessarily have huge advertising budgets but were based on scientific principles and to understand these principles it was important to understand the cause of hair loss. Once you know the cause then you can determine the best hair loss product option for you.


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